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Red Oak Financial Management, LLC

Our Mission

At Red Oak Financial Management, LLC we want to become your trusted financial advisor.  And we know that the best way to earn your trust is to deliver EXCELLENCE in all of our dealings with you.

Our MISSION:  Deliver excellence..., the "Red Oak" way:

  • Our work with you begins with knowing and understanding your values, needs, wants, and long-term goals. We will help you develop, implement, and monitor a compelling strategy to address your individual situation.
  • Our work for you will be comprehensive and will involve developing recommendations, presenting them to you, guiding you in their implementation, and regularly following up to monitor progress.
  • We will be competent, thorough and professional in all our dealings with you.
  • We will be nonjudgmental and supportive in all of our dealings with you.
  • We will take care in the calculation and review of financial figures.
  • We will ask you lots of relevant questions and will be exceptional listeners.
  • We will be experts in the products and services we recommend.
  • We will be responsive to your inquiries and will be pro-active communicators.
  • We will be honest, ethical and forthright in all our dealings with you.
  • We will treat you the way we would like to be treated in a client/advisor relationship.
All of our energy, commitment and efforts will be directed at accomplishing our mission..., to deliver EXCELLENCE to the clients of Red Oak Financial Management, LLC.