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Red Oak Financial Management, LLC

Our "Hundred Client" Limit

At Red Oak Financial Management, LLC we believe that managing investment assets based on a client's unique values and goals requires time, attention to detail, and most importantly a mutual trust and respect between the client and the adviser. We believe this can only be accomplished by limiting the number of investment management clients serviced by any one adviser.  Our "family" of investment management clients receives customized solutions, pro-active contact on a regular basis with their adviser, timely response to inquiries, and "concierge" style service.  In order to assure that we not only meet, but exceed these standards, our advisers are limited to working with a maximum of 100 investment management clients.  Once an adviser reaches that level, no new investment management clients will be added to the adviser's practice.

Claims of "personalized service" have become cliche in the investment management business.  The Red Oak "Hundred Client" Limit assures that we can devote the talent, time and resources necessary to give you the high quality, high touch, personalized client experience you and your financial plan deserve.